Our Mission

Our roots
DonateDirect is the philanthropic arm of Spectrum Settlement Recovery, a company that helps Fortune 2000 businesses recover funds they are owed from consumer technology settlements. During the course of their work with businesses, the founders of Spectrum saw that a large percentage of consumer entitlements from technology settlements go unclaimed, and realized there was an opportunity to aggregate these claims toward a greater good.

We exist to help you access a huge, untapped revenue source
DonateDirect was founded to enable schools, non-profits and other worthy causes to access a huge, untapped revenue source: billions in unclaimed funds owed to their donors from consumer technology settlements. With most settlements of this nature, less than 5% of people actually receive their refunds because individuals either don’t know about them, or don’t know how to apply for them.

Our vision: Non-profits get millions annually in new funds
Our vision is for millions of dollars in unclaimed funds to get directed to organizations across the country each year, putting the money toward worthy causes that make our planet a better place for everyone.

Our mission: Empower non-profits to access unclaimed funds
Our mission is to help you complete your mission. We do this by empowering you to give your donors an easy way to access the funds they are owed, and in turn allows your supporters to designate the funds directly to your organization.

Our results: Over $7.5 million raised for worthy organizations
Using the DonateDirect program, organizations have raised over $7.5 million in incremental funds they would not have received otherwise. In the last inception of DonateDirect, one small charity raised over $800,000 by getting these forms filled out with the help of their constituents and small businesses.

Opportunities we present to you
We are now working a new settlement opportunity. We focus on the opportunities that have a broad applicability to your supporter base, and the largest payouts. We expect to present you with two or three settlement opportunities each year. Each settlement presents an opportunity for your organization to raise tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental funds, at no cost to your donors.

Our clients
Our clients are US-based schools, non-profits, and other worthy causes who have relatively large donor bases – typically tens to hundreds of thousands. What is common across all of you, our clients, is a need to maximize fundraising efforts with minimal staff time and resources.

We invite you to learn more
We invite you to read more about how the process works, and to see what you might be able to raise in the settlement we are actively working today. We would also welcome the opportunity to talk to you. We invite you to contact us and give us a chance to tell you more about how the DonateDirect program could benefit your organization.

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