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We’ve had great success, but don’t take our word for it; read what our clients are saying:

“Working with DonateDirect enabled the California Division of the American Cancer Society to claim approximately $388,000 in 2007, which was utilized to support our life saving research and patient support programs.”

Kathleen Moore, Vice President, Income Development - American Cancer Society

“The DonateDirect program is the only instance when something that seemed too good to be true, actually was true. We were able to submit receipts for over $60k worth of equipment that we had already purchased and recoup those funds. The process was straightforward, easy, and helped our organization tremendously.”

Daniel Weinshenker, Regional Director - Center for Digital Storytelling

“Working with DonateDirect was a great experience for the YMCA. Their team helped us recover over $70,000 at a time when fundraising was extremely difficult. Their work enabled us to do ours, and for that we sincerely appreciate and look forward to more from DonateDirect.”

Kathy Cheng, Sr. Vice President of Finance/CFO - YMCA

“Working with DonateDirect enabled our organization to receive over $50,000 to support our programs and services during a difficult economic period. DonateDirect could not have been more helpful in assisting us to conduct the necessary research, and to receive much-needed funds. We are extremely thankful.”

Carol Williams, Executive Director - Interval House

“I’m writing to thank the DonateDirect team for helping to generate nearly $75,000 in technology improvements to help EarthJustice in our mission to protect the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defend the right of all people to a healthy environment.

When we started working with your program in 2007, we would have never thought that the process would be as straight forward as you helped make it. DonateDirect guided us through the purchase redemption process to secure quality computer products for our organization. This provided a significant boost to our program efforts, as well as a 3X return on investment.

Once again, thanks to the DonateDirect team for helping our organization achieve its mission. If there is a similar program in the future, please contact us.”

Daniel Hill, Controller - EarthJustice

“Even after checking their references, DonateDirect still seemed a little too good to be true.  But it was true!  The only things required were attention to detail, and follow-through.  Everyone we dealt with was professional and easy to communicate with, and the results were more than worth the effort.”

Dan Fontaine, Executive Director - Wilderness Youth Project

“With the DonateDirect funding, Larkin Street Youth Services can expand and leverage overall technology for both our clients and staff. The DonateDirect staff has been organized and helpful, and we greatly appreciate this additional support for Larkin Street.”

Cheryl Barth, Chief Operating Officer - Larkin Street Youth Services

“We are constantly trying to implement new technology in charter schools on a limited budget. Spectrum Settlement Recovery’s DonateDirect program will allow our members to utilize the vouchers and donate much needed technology to our schools to create richer learning environments for students to succeed.”

Josh Newman, CEO - EdTec Inc.

“When Green TV was raising funds for a wildlife film, DonateDirect came out of nowhere and helped us tremendously.  It was hard to believe that money from a court settlement with Microsoft could find its way into our project, but it did.  And the film went on to win a couple Emmy awards.”

Frank Green, Executive Director - Green TV

“I am writing to commend and thank the DonateDirect team for the service they have provided to the San Francisco Food Bank. To be honest, when we first heard about the program we thought that it sounded too good to be true. After our initial concerns were addressed we moved forward and were pleasantly surprised that it actually took less than half an hour of our time to complete the forms on our end, then we turned it over to DonateDirect, and they did the rest.

A few weeks later we received a check for $10,000. The money they recovered for us allowed our organization to pump more money into our projects throughout the city, helping to feed thousands of hungry people. The work that DonateDirect did has allowed our organization to do the work that we do, a feat that is most appreciated.

Thanks again to the DonateDirect team for working diligently on our behalf to help us in our mission to feed hungry San Francisco.”

Leslie Bacho, Deputy Executive Director - San Francisco Food Bank

“Our organization entered this endeavor with a certain amount of natural and healthy skepticism, but DonateDirect has helped to answer every question, clarify every sentence, and patiently explain any concern our board had. They have created a great opportunity for nonprofits to build their capacity, without the hassle of traditional fundraising expenses. We have major expansion plans that we could not accomplish without the help of this program. We had an amazing experience with DonateDirect last time around, and would love to be part of this program again. Working with Spectrum and DonateDirect was a complete game changer for our organization. Thanks DonateDirect! “

Rob Emerich, Founder - Road of Life Cancer Prevention for Kids

“About 40 days after submitting our vouchers to the claims administrator, we received our money. We are going to spend the funds on our upcoming 30th Mill Valley Film Festival… and now we’re going to purchase additional packs. DonateDirect has been not only efficient but also a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Fishkin, Founder/Director Mill Valley Film Festival - California Film Institute

“I look forward to hearing from you about future settlements, particularly if it’s as easy as last time.  Our organization was at first skeptical of DonateDirect because it seemed too good to be true, but they worked hard to answer every question and concern we could think of, and then they did all the work! Literally a few hours of pulling records on our end was all it took for us to receive $9,953 that we were entitled to, and that we would have never known about without DonateDirect.”

Bob Cohn, Controller - Marin Country Day School

“Obtaining $20,000 worth of technology for a $6,000 purchase of vouchers was a very significant savings that enhanced our organization’s ability to provide more assistive technology services and devices for children and adults with disabilities – this is a great program benefiting nonprofit organizations.”

Bob Kibler, Executive Director - Technology Access Center

“We had the opportunity to work with DonateDirect a few years ago, and raised $10,000.  It’s a great way for non-profits to raise additional funds with a minimum of staff time.  The DonateDirect team is friendly and helpful and we’re looking forward to working with them again.  I highly recommend them to any non-profit.”

Eileen Moncoeur, Program Director - The American Himalayan Foundation

“We are thrilled to work with DonateDirect again, as we have done so in the past with great results!  Together, the work involved a few hours of cooperative effort and we were very supported by the DonateDirect team.  FRA and our TECHConnection program received almost $30,000 as a result, helping to compensate our computer technology center.  The process was relatively painless and many people benefited.  Thanks for reaching out to us again!”

Nancy Phalanukorn, Executive Director - Family Resource Center

“DonateDirect really worked for us.  We were able to recoup a $10,000 investment in technology with their help and those funds go a long way to support our much needed services.  I look forward to participating in future DonateDirect programs!”

Ray Fort, Chief Operating Officer - Larkin Street Youth Services

“The bottom line for us is $7,000 in virtually free hardware and software. The technology vouchers are enabling us to purchase a high-end desktop publishing and graphics workstation and applications that will allow us to produce internal employee handbooks and training documents more efficiently and with higher quality. The balance of our vouchers will be used to replace many of our older, slower desktop computers and make a transition to flat panel monitors. We found working with DonateDirect extremely easy and efficient.”

Steve Shane, Director of Finance and Administration - In-Home Supportive Services Consortium

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