Corporate Philanthropy

The DonateDirect Corporate Giving Program provides an easy way for businesses to increase corporate giving without spending company resources. There are two different ways to accomplish this:

1. Donate your CRT corporate claim to a designated non-profit organization

Every business in a qualifying state who purchased CRT Computers or Televisions between 1995 and 2007 is eligible for a financial recovery from the CRT Class Action Settlement. An easy way to make a big difference would be to simply donate your corporate claim to a non-profit of your choice. The company will receive a tax deduction based on how many computers were purchased.

2. Ask your employees to donate their CRT claims to a designated non-profit organization

Many of your employees, as individuals, may also be eligible to collect refunds from the CRT Class Action Settlement. Working with DonateDirect they can submit their claim in order to donate their refund to a designated non-profit that your company chooses. The employee would be entitled to a tax deduction for the amount of their donation, and the company would raise money for charitable organizations at no cost to the business or the employees.

Both of these objectives can be accomplished in different ways depending on your company’s preference:

  • Businesses and their employees can submit their claims via an online claim form (which we will build for you at no cost)
  • We can produce hard copy claim forms which can be disbursed at company events or set on employees’ desks

DonateDirect has raised millions of dollars for many different non-profit organizations from multiple settlements. New settlements appear frequently, so this fundraising model can be repeated again and again, all at no cost to the company or the employees.

This is an easy way to get all employees involved in corporate fundraising efforts. To get started please contact us today.

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