What You Get

Your supporters get to make an extra donation without any out-of pocket expense
The source of the new funds is money your donors are owed from a consumer technology settlement.

Your donors access new funds, which they donate to your organization
Most people don’t ever receive their refund from consumer settlements because doing so requires knowing how to apply for it. DonateDirect allows you to give your donors a simple 2-page form that allows them to designate the refund be donated directly to your organization. There is no proof of purchase or receipts required to submit the form. The donor incurs no expense whatsoever and receives a tax write-off for the donation.

We make it easy for you and your donors
DonateDirect supplies you with all the necessary information your donors will need to apply for their refund. We supply you with a simple form for your donors to fill out. If you want, we can build a personalized online claim form for you, containing your organization’s colors and logo. You can direct your donors to the web form or they can complete a hard copy form. Either way, it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out. We give you communication templates to make it easy for you to tell your donors about the program- and we supply the information you need to send thank-you notes and tax receipts to donors who participate.

You do the fundraising, now with an effective new tool
Organizations distribute the forms in many different ways. Schools often send the form home as a homework assignment, or the PTA distributes it to parents. Religious organizations often hand out the forms at festivals, dinners and other events. Non-profits have been very successful distributing the forms at large events such as fundraising runs or bike rides. Many organizations reach out to supporters via a newsletters, emails or direct mailings, while still others use social media. If you have a sizable number of employees, you may want to reach out to your employees as well. On top of this, if you have corporate sponsors, you can enable them to either reach out to their own employees, using the same DonateDirect materials, or simply donate their corporate refund to your charity.

We process the forms and ensure full payment
We embed a unique barcode on each form which allows us to track your donor forms and ensure there are no duplicates. Once you collect the forms from your donors, you give them to us for processing. Our client services team makes sure each form is complete, and that it meets both settlement as well as court provisions. We embed a unique barcode on each form which allows us to track your donor forms and ensure there are no duplicates. We then provide your verified package of forms to the claims administrator, who processes and tracks them. When the funds are disbursed, we verify that all your claims have been fully paid.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this program
In the last inception of DonateDirect, a small charity received donations from over 2700 people, resulting in almost $900,000 raised. While the amount due to each of your donors from any one settlement may be small- $25 to $100- aggregating these funds across thousands of donors leads to a sizable infusion of cash for your organization. The American Cancer Society, the YMCA, the San Francisco Food Bank and others have already received over $7.5 million in incremental donations using DonateDirect. On top of this there are other settlements coming in the near future, and these results are easy to replicate.

We invite you to learn more
We know fundraising has been especially difficult lately for many organizations. This is an opportunity to use a proven and effective tool to quickly and easily raise the funds you need to pursue your mission. Our mission is to help you do this. We invite you to contact us and give us a chance to tell you more about how the DonateDirect program could benefit your organization.

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