How We Do It

In order to present you with each fundraising opportunity, we first have to do a lot of “behind-the-scenes” work. Our first step is to choose the settlements we want to package as opportunities for you. We use two criteria for this: how broadly a settlement applies to your supporter base, and the size of the potential refund. We look for settlements with the broadest applicability to the general public, and with the largest per-person refunds.

Once we choose a consumer technology settlement, our next step is to work with Lead Counsel for that settlement to develop the program we present to you. This involves gaining approval to allow consumers to donate their refunds directly to a beneficiary organization, and getting approvals on the paper and online forms you will give to your donors.

Once all the program elements are approved we develop the online and paper forms. We then sign up beneficiary organizations – organizations like yours –  and develop email templates to help you communicate the program to your supporters.

As you collect the forms from your donors, you give them to us for processing. Our client services team then performs an internal review of donations, begins bar coding and aggregation of all forms in preparation for submission to the claims adminstrator. We then provide your scrubbed package of forms to the claims administrator, who processes and tracks them. The claims administrator has very strict guidelines for claim submissions: we have spent countless hours in court hearings to obtain necessary approval from both lead counsel and the claims administator to do this. When the funds are disbursed, our final step is to verify that all your claims have been fully paid.

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